Born To Die

God leave his throne, become man to die on the cross, and channel the best of resources in heaven and earth, using every possible means available and creating more, to further the good news of salvation for mankind must be very serious and should never be taken lightly. That’s the reason we celebrate Christmas. Christ […]

Freedom: It Cries Out – So Let It Ring!

Over a century ago a bell rang out. It stood in the bell tower of a hallowed place called Independence Hall. It proclaimed liberty throughout the land. Sometime afterwards the bell stopped ringing. It cracked. Perhaps it was saying there was a crack in our resolve to proclaim liberty and freedom throughout all the lands […]

The History of The Christmas Tree

Trees that remained green year-round have held a special significance even before there was a relationship between them and religion. It was very common, even centuries ago and long before the recognition of the Christmas tree for people to hang year long greens in and about their homes and around their doorways to ward off […]